Shootin' the Breeze

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Ferguson Aftermath

The rioting and destruction of property by those “disappointed” by the Grand Jury’s decision to not indict Officer Wilson, who shot and killed Michael Brown during a confrontation that included a struggle over the officer’s gun, do not seem aimed at anyone responsible for the incident itself, nor at those who made the decision the rioters find so disappointing. As far as I know, the buildings burned did not belong to Officer Brown, nor members of the Grand Jury, nor the police department, nor the prosecution. (I do not believe violence directed at those folks would be appropriate, but the businesses being attacked were not involved).

It is analogous to me burning down my neighbor’s garage because my wife got a speeding ticket and I really love my wife and am upset that a stinkin’ cop gave her a ticket. My innocent neighbor would be punished for my “disappointment” about the cop giving a ticket to my wife. It would be unlikely that the neighbor would get the connection and respond by somehow fixing the world so that my wife gets no more tickets because, after all, I am sick of tickets being issued to people I care about. While we are on the subject, my cousin Bob has gotten tickets too. I wonder if my family is being targeted. No garage is safe as long as members of my family are being ticketed. And, don’t try to persuade me by telling me that eye witnesses saw my wife and cousin speeding. I don’t want the evidence. I just want to be angry and my neighbor’s garage is in the world that has disappointed me so.

I hope this teaching moment has clarified the lesson which rioting teaches as a method of making the world a better place. The logical connection between rioting and justice is very subtle. Some of us don’t see it at all. I am in that group.


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13 thoughts on “Ferguson Aftermath

  1. Yea I found it sadly amusing that folks cried for ‘justice.’

    This is code for: We want to hear the words ‘guilty,’ and if not, we will provide our our brand of justice, ie, looting, mischief, etc.

    The real criminals here are the media who aid and abet, by tossing on logs to fuel the flames of stupidity, so their bias may burn and burn. The media should be on trial; for without them, there would be no after riots.

    Justice? No, people want what they perceive as justice, truth be damned.

    • Why was a lengthy grand jury process not justice? The evidence was presented to those who sat on the grand jury. How arrogant for rioters to ignore the process of obtaining and presenting and reviewing evidence! That is our system of justice, not rioting in the streets. At least the President spoke of the “rule of law.”

      • Preach it cowboy—

        If it would have taken another year before they got it right, so be it. And again, without the media, there would be no story.

  2. Do you mean there is a mastermind to cause this riot?


    • No, I would not call the rioters “masterminds.” I would call them “mindless.” I am sad the young man died. However, he made some bad choices that led to his confrontation with the officer. The evidence indicates the officer was defending himself. The rioters failed to accept the result. The slogan: “No Justice. No Peace.” assumes there was no justice. I trust the work of the Grand Jury as the determiners of justice rather than hoodlums who riot.

  3. There is an anger burning deep within the soul of our country, a lie that makes its way to the top at an opportune time. It seems we only need to get slightly bumped and the rage spills out. The lie is that we are able to judge correctly. Unfortunately, I see it in myself a little, an entitlement to have grace applied when I offend, and justice when I was the offender. The Bible says that there is no one righteous (not even one), and because of this fact, we are unable to judge correctly. May God Himself show us how to judge rightly for our country’s sake. May we always remember that His grace and justice was perfectly displayed in the cross, where He judged Jesus, His beloved Son for our inability to be righteous.
    THANK YOU so much for this great picture and for your always thought-provoking posts. A blessed and meaningful Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  4. Awesome analogy. Happy Thanksgiving, cowboy.

  5. I see you re-blogged Dr. Lynn’s wonderful words. And one other point: I do not dislike cops. Yes, there may be a bad one or two, just like businesspeople, but without them, there would be bedlam. I just don’t see the point of NOT showing them your hands, for example, if they order you to do so. But FIGHTING a cop? That’s just plain stupid. (Sorry about that.)

    Frankly, I HATE our media for making cops out to be the devils. More so, I hate the leaders of the “racism industry”. They are the ones that need to be brought up on criminal charges.

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