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Sugar’s Ford Truck Adventures

We have a Ford F250 Superduty diesel pickup truck.  Sometimes it is hard to start.  Those of you who know about diesels are aware of the effect that cold temperatures have.  We have an electric plug with which to heat the engine block (whatever that is).     I plugged it in yet still had trouble starting the truck.  And this was after spending money on new glow plugs (whatever those are).

Well, Miss Sugar looked into the problem.  She is, as you know, just a girl, whereas I am a manly man.  Who do you think knows more about trucks?

So Sugar inspected the truck and reported back to me that the plug does not plug into anything.  It is just a loose electric cord hanging out of the grill, just as I suspected.  I appreciated her confirming that for me.  So I thanked her. (However, I was not sure what to do with this information).

Sugar got on the computer and researched what was lacking in the cord department.  She ordered the missing connection on-line.  In the process of doing research about diesel engines, Sugar learned about a 100 volt relay (whatever that is) which is obviously better than the factory-installed 12 volt relay.

Knowing what I do about trucks and truck parts and electricity and all, I approved Sugar’s idea of ordering one of them there 100 volt relays.  So she ordered both the cord connection thing and the relay thing.  It was kind of my idea (after she explained it all to me).

The parts arrived.  I probably could have installed them in about ten minutes (if I had the right tools).  However, I am a really busy person (and very important) so I suggested that we take the truck to Dave’s Automotive with the parts and hire him to install what I could easily install all by myself ( if only I had the time and tools).

So Sugar called Dave and explained the project.  We brought in the truck and dropped it off with the parts.  Dave called my cell phone the next day (because I, like him, am a guy, and Sugar is not, being a girl and all).  Dave left me a message that he had the cord thing-a-ma-bob installed (he did not use that term) but said he had never seen a relay like that.  He was not certain where it even went.  (It seemed that Sugar had ordered the wrong part, but, after all, she is just a girl, and what do they know about mechanical stuff?).

So I let Sugar listen to the message.  Silly girl!  Obviously, if Dave, with decades of experience operating his own auto shop, had never seen the type of relay Sugar purchased, then she must have purchased the wrong part.  Obviously!

Sugar called Dave back.  She told him where to put the part.  She explained that this particular 100 volt relay is a universal part and that is why it has more holes than the factory relay.  They talked about various diesel engine components like the mechanics that they each are.  I was not part of the conversation.  As reported to me by Sugar, Dave agreed to “give it a whirl.”

When Dave next talked to Sugar, he asked her where she got that 100 volt relay.  He wanted more.  He wanted one immediately for his wife’s truck.  He parroted what Sugar told him earlier in the day about the advantages over the 12 volt factory version.  One advantage is that it is easier on the glow plugs.  Another, related advantage is that the truck starts on the first try every time.  I would explain why in greater detail but some of you readers are just girls and it would be way over your cute little heads.

Just ask Sugar.


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12 thoughts on “Sugar’s Ford Truck Adventures

  1. Sounds like Sugar is a wise woman. She knows when to fall back on her Google-degree 🙂

    • She is also wise to not wait for me to fix anything. In addition to her internet skills, including the ability to design websites and run on-line jewelry stores, Sugar is an artist, photographer, musician, plumber, mechanic, and a pretty good cook. She has a teaching degree from North Texas State in biological science and taught for 22 years before switching to manage my law firm. I drive the truck when I can get it started.

  2. Seems that sugar knows a lot


  3. hmmm…maybe Miss Sugar can tell me how to fix the passenger’s side power window on my F-150.

    • I asked her. You need a new actuator arm. You can find them on Ford might charge you $600, but you can do it yourself by removing the door panel. If I fly Sugar to Florida to help you, it would cost even more. However, there is probably a YouTube video on replacing an actuator arm on a Ford F150. You are welcome!

  4. 100 volt relay? On a 12 volt system? Believe me, I am not questioning Ms. Sugar. Never, never, never… but are you misquoting her, perhaps? Perhaps it is 100 amps? 🙂

    (ps Note to Alpha Male: while Ford diesels will run forever, earlier Ford relays will not.) 🙂

  5. Great painted story-

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