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The Arrogance of Blog Advice

Peyton Manning puts on a “passing academy.”  It cannot be disputed that he has the credentials.  You probably would be better off attending his football camp than reading my tips on how to succeed in the NFL, even though I was captain of the 7th grade intramural flag football champions.

There are folks who have a lot to say about subjects on which they have little or no experience.  They are presenting themselves as experts but might not be.  Usually I don’t know the difference.

I recently read a blog written by someone I know personally.  It was about the importance of thanking those who help you.  It was good advice.  I agree completely.  The problem I have with this particular author is that my wife and I have helped her financially in significant amounts over the years and seldom been thanked by her.  Advice is more welcome from one who practices what she preaches.  Otherwise, it is hypocrisy.

It got me to thinking.  Maybe Dale Carnegie, who wrote “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” had no friends.  Maybe his family read his book and thought he was a hypocrite.  I doubt that was true.  I expect he had incredible people skills.  However, the person who has trouble showing gratitude but writes about it made me wonder.

It also made me wonder about my own hypocrisy.  In my posts called “Suggestions from a Searcher” I write about time management techniques, yet I waste a lot of time myself.  I write about forgiveness, yet I have not forgiven a friend for a recent thing he did which I see as a wrong against me.

People are funny critters.  (I am quoting Walt Garrison).  Somebody else said, “Do as I say, not as I do.”

On the other hand, even us hypocrites can give valuable advice.  The gal who has trouble saying thanks is an excellent writer.


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11 thoughts on “The Arrogance of Blog Advice

  1. Will you be telling her what you think? Just wondering.

  2. ‘Even us hypocrites………………………………………..’

    well played, but I’ll see your hypoctite and raise you ‘a sarcastic hypocrite.’


  3. Actions indeed speak louder than words. However, words come much faster and more effortlessly :-/

  4. It is always incredible to me what the Lord can use to open our eyes and help to make us and others closer to who He had in mind. Keeping the log out is an ever uncomfortable but worthwhile pursuit. Press on, my sarcastic and eloquent cowboy brother, press on.

  5. Who has more Fun than the Carlsons?? on said:

    There’s a simple answer to your problem…quit helping her.

  6. I once knew a ‘closet smoker’ (tobacco by the way, for those of you in Colorado and Washington). He was always ready to rattle on about the best way to kick the habit, yet as far as I know he continued to sneak cigarettes until the day he died.

  7. …and I thought this was going to be another story of how you were waiting to sign that NFL contract…

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