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My Cousin Vinny’s Fiance

“My Cousin Vinny” is one of my favorite movies.  As a trial lawyer, I thought the courtroom scenes actually teach some good pointers both about what to do and what not to do.  It has examples of effective and ineffective cross examination.  It teaches about rules of evidence and pre-trial discovery.

I relate to the movie in another way.  My favorite character is Vinny’s fiancé, Mona Lisa Vito, because she reminds me of my wife, Sugar.  Both Lisa and Sugar are Italian women, both are cute, and both learned from their brothers about auto mechanics.  See previous post entitled Sugar’s Ford Truck Adventures  If you watch the movie and want to know what Sugar is like, imagine Mona Lisa Vito with a Texas rather than Jersey accent.

Marisa Tomei won an Academy Award for playing the part of Mona Lisa Vito.  Sugar plays herself. She is the real deal in real life.  And, to quote a line from the movie, “Cute too!”
movie star
my star


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3 thoughts on “My Cousin Vinny’s Fiance

  1. Dude… Youz whupped big time.

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