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Institutional Racism in Denver

The chief of police in Denver is a black man.  The mayor of Denver is a black man.  He is not the first black mayor of Denver.   The president of our country is black.  So is the attorney general.  It should be encouraging to black youths that there are opportunities for high office regardless of race.  What is so unfair about these examples of successful black leaders is that it has become much more difficult to make race an excuse for lack of achievement.


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8 thoughts on “Institutional Racism in Denver

  1. Clarence Thomas, Colin Powell…

  2. Yea 🙂 many are making race an excuse for lack of achievement


  3. I wrote a whole article about just this. My dad was born in 1923, went to segregated schools and with a lot of hard work became a physician. My mom was a chemist. My aunt was a nurse who went back to school later then became a lawyer. My uncle was a pediatrician and another uncle a Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force. All of them were born in the 20’s and 30’s. It wasn’t easy but they worked diligently and didn’t let the barriers deter them. What’s in your heart and mind determines whether you’ll be successful…and nothing worth having comes easy. Wish the media would stick a microphone in front of people like my dad and my other relatives instead of divisive, awful people like Sharpton. Nobody cares what patriotic, hard working, black people have to say but there are lots of us out here!

    • Lynn,
      Your family members have achieved many admirable accomplishments. Your father’s generation (and my father’s) dealt with actual segregation and there was a need for the Civil Rights Movement to open up opportunities, including even voting in some places. One of my uncles was coaching college basketball and had to protect black players on his team on a southern road trip, like in the movie Glory Road. All that evil prejudice, such as what Jackie Robinson encountered, and likely your parents, aunts and uncles, was horrible. I am pleased that race has not prevented leaders like our president, attorney general, Colin Powell, Denver’s mayor and police chief from getting where they are. I liked your post about Michael Brown not being a martyr to admire. I have been pulled over by police several times but it did not cross my mind that it was due to my race. I have had to put my hands on the hood of my car while the police checked whether it was stolen — due to the description of the car, not of me. I have a lawyer friend who is Hispanic. He complained to me that he does not want anyone to think he got into law school due to Affirmative Action because his grades and test scores were better than good enough for him to get accepted without any favors. There are still too many prejudiced individuals, but institutions in our nation do not seem to me to have policies that one can blame for targeting citizens who are in minority groups. You should be very proud of your family.

    • We all share some commonalities, Dr. Lynn, as Americans. Your family has achieved as any good American could have when they put their minds to it. While our misguided media and lawmakers seek to put a discriminatory spin to nearly all events that even hint at a potential racial bias, Sharpton and Jackson need to use their “influence” to steer folks in a positive direction…instead of stoking the fire. We are headed towards the same fate as the Romans.

      I love your words, Dr. Lynn. Thank you.

  4. To your point here, sir, racism and discrimination – actual or perceived – needs to take a back seat. Installing pride in one’s own ability needs to be in the driver’s seat. Take my father, aunts and uncles. They were all American citizens yet in a (likely) case of discrimination, they all had their rights stripped of them then in an extreme slap in their face, were put into desolate camps during WWII. When they were finally released, they were pretty much penniless. Yet, they realized they needed to prove themselves as self-supporting Americans and did not make a stink out of it…unlike many who are today.

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