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Usually, I get up while it is still dark to let the dogs out. I know my way down the stairs and we have a nightlight on the landing. This morning was different. I smelled smoke and there was a haze in the front room. I let the dogs out the front door, then checked the wood-burning stove. I thought maybe smoke was leaking from it, but there were no smouldering embers from the night before. So I went into our sunroom/dining room (there is a photo on my About page showing the view from that room) because there is another fireplace there, a propane one with fake logs encased in glass on both the inside and the outside, so the fire can also be seen from the deck.

The glass compartment was filled with smoke. I had turned off the fire before we went to bed, so that was alarming. I turned off the propane. I went upstairs and awakened my wife. I told her to go to the bunkhouse. I called 911. We opened windows. Sugar wisely got a fire extinguisher and sprayed fire retardant on the bottom of the fireplace. I opened the gate for the fire trucks. I forgot it automatically closes when a vehicle passes over a loop in the lane. Sugar remembered and disabled it before the trucks got there.

The firefighters tore out the fireplace and the charred floor below it. There were never flames, just smoke. They extinguished the source of it. However, that left a hole in our wall about 5 feet by 5 feet. The temperature was very cold. Tonight it is 9 below zero. We will be sleeping in the bunkhouse.

I can guess what you are wondering, especially if you saw Lassie warn humans of fire and other dangers, and if you have read about dogs and even cats saving families sleeping during a fire. You are wondering why our dogs did not awaken us. Me too.

You are wondering why our smoke alarms did not go off. Me too.

We are grateful to the firefighters who saved our house and to God who saved us. Now about those dogs — not so much.


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15 thoughts on “Fire!

  1. Thank God for his angels that preserved you and Sugar. It is a good thing you have a good sense of smell. Happy to see you are coming into the new year alive!!!

  2. Really grateful


  3. Glad to hear you are both safe!

  4. Grateful with you both that your story ended this way. Happy New Year to you and your family!

  5. Very glad you are safe! Will you be able to find out what malfunctioned?

  6. Thanks be, you were ‘alarmed’ by the smell of smoke since your detectors failed. It is odd, though, that your animals didn’t arouse you; as you say, we read so many heroic animal tales. They usually have a keen sense of self-preservation if nothing else.
    But it’s quite a thing to face a huge hole in the wall on New Year’s Eve when the temp’s so low.

  7. Thanking God for rescuing you. More, new, differently placed, perhaps more sensitive smoke detectors, if there are such things, definitely recommended!

  8. It is particularly interesting how you can turn a potential disaster into an educational piece. I plan to read this to my dogs, all ten of my Standard Poodles. (only one resides in the house, the others are kennel dogs.) they’re smart, maybe they can learn something. It is a praise that you were made aware of danger.

  9. All things work together for good……………………….

    All the best to ya in the new year!!

  10. Wow! I am thankful you, your wife and dogs are okay. Thank God you discovered the source before things got worse. I’m also thankful you have the bunkhouse to stay in. We also have a wood stove and I really do not feel safe with it going, but with our nearly worthless heat pump, we need another heat source. I am praising God that you are all okay. I feel awful when I hear of a fire and loss of life.

  11. You have a lot t be thankful for. I am glad to hear you made it out ok. It could have been a real disaster.

    All my best to you and Sugar in the New Year, and hope you can stay warm in that bunkhouse!!

  12. Praise the Lord you and sugar are safe. Somewhere in all of this, there will be a gift. He has given you both life and perhaps there will be a hidden blessing that hasn’t surfaced yet. As someone said above….all things work together for the good… And who would have the annual John Wayne party?
    Thank you for the recent likes on my blog.
    Happy New Year to you and miss Sugar..

  13. I went backward to read the story of how this happened. There is no way to “like” this post. I am happy you have a bunkhouse to stay in during these frigid days ahead.

  14. I’m really glad that everyone is alright, fire is a very scary thing.

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