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Fire In The Hole!

My previous post, Fire!, was my written account of our house fire on December 30, 2014. To supplement and illustrate that post, here are photos for those of you curious about what the fire scene looks like.


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14 thoughts on “Fire In The Hole!

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    Miss Sugar’s Blog about the “New Year Almost Going up in Smoke!”
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  2. Why? What happen to your house?


  3. Thank God that you awakened in time. So scary!

  4. Those pictures really show how close you and Miss Sugar came to a real disaster!! Here’s hoping the cleanup goes smoothly. I am glad that you are both ok.

  5. Ugh; couldn’t make myself “Like” these pictures! I sure hope the clean up goes smoothly.

  6. How terrible. I am behind, way behind in blog reading so missed your story. Praying for you as you pick up the piees and move on. So sorry for your loss.

  7. It certainly could have been a lot worse and again, I’m glad you, Sugar and the animals are all okay.

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