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Monday Morning Quarterbacking

As everyone in the civilized world is aware from watching the game yesterday, the Colts knocked the Broncos out of the playoffs. Unless you live in Indianapolis, you are severely depressed by the outcome of that game. And you are concerned about the future of Peyton Manning. So am I.

Of the millions of you who watched the game and noticed that I was not playing in the game, few have contacted me directly, yet I have a feeling that everyone is wondering why I was not out there on the field. Two words: bum knees. Those bum knees prevented me from turning the tide, as all of you were waiting for me to do. I apologize to each and every one of you on this very public forum. I was not at the stadium. I was 75 miles away, on a couch, eating snacks. The snacks were delicious, provided by our host and hostess who invited us to watch the game at their home, knowing about our house fire and consequential lack of a TV.

I do not know whether I will be in the NFL next year. Like Peyton Manning, I am considering retiring from professional football. I want to be able to contribute 100%. It is frustrating for me to be on injured reserve status.

My most loyal fan, Miss Sugar, is not pushing me to decide immediately. She is willing to let me work out in the off-season before making a press announcement. If I have the recommended double knee replacement surgery, I might, after physical therapy, regain my pre-injury speed. But don’t count on it. It is a day to day decision.

If you spot Peyton and me playing checkers in the park, you will read into that the answer to all this speculation about our potential respective retirements. I will likely decide that if Peyton will not be playing, then I will not play either.

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4 thoughts on “Monday Morning Quarterbacking

  1. I watched that game with some dismay as well, not really being an Indianapolis fan. But it is over now, and I am ready to bury the hatchet and move on. I wish the Colts well in their next endeavor, but alas, I fear the worst…, and if it is any consolation to you, Luck is clearly out of luck. Already I can faintly hear the AFC victory celebration beginning in Foxboro.

  2. Manning made a big impact on University of Tennessee football when I lived in TN, then when I moved to Indiana, I followed his achievements in the community more than his achievements in football. He quietly comes back to Indy to oversee the progress of the children’s wing at St. Vincent’s hospital but he does so quietly so as not to take anything away from QB Andrew Luck. I’ll pull for Manning even in his retirement!

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