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Persistent Patriotic Flag Display

We used to fly a flag from a pole on our porch. It was nice. It was easy to stick in the holder and to remove it at night.

A couple years ago, we bought a 25 foot telescoping flag pole. In a blog shortly after the purchase, I wrote about the pole being bent to the ground by high winds. My sturdy installation, by putting it in a PVC sleeve in two feet of concrete below ground worked — for the part of the pole in the ground. The aluminum, or whatever the telescoping part was made of, bent at 90 degrees at the ground.

The manufacturer had a guarantee. So we took it up on that and got a second pole. Not surprising, we got the same result when high winds came. We did not ask for another. Maybe third time would be the charm, but I doubted that.

We went another route. We used iron irrigation pipe. It was one solid length of pipe and did not bend, but it was only about ten feet long, not twenty-five. It did fit in the same PVC concreted into a two foot deep hole in the ground. The problem was how to secure the flag to the pipe without the fancy rope and clips and stuff that came with the genuine flag pole.

The fourth step in my development of the perfect flagpole for our location was when I tried putting the irrigation pipe as a lining in the surviving pieces of the telescoping aluminum pole. It worked as far as it went since it could not go through the bent section at the bottom, nor the narrower upper sections. Consequently, the pole is now maybe fifteen feet, ten of which are reinforced with the irrigation pipe inside. So far that has worked.

Now the pole does not bend, but the flag takes a beating in the wind. We know it is disrespectful to have a shredded flag, so we have to replace damaged ones. We also know that unless a light shines on the flag at night, it needs to be taken down at the end of the day. We took the lazy route, and got a solar light.

I am looking at it right now. God bless our U.S. flag!

We also have a Texas state flag. I am not a Texan, but I married one, so I tip my hat to it too, and to Miss Texas.

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5 thoughts on “Persistent Patriotic Flag Display

  1. I am grateful there are still folks who display the flag proudly, and even in “rough weather” stay focused and find some good solutions 🙂

  2. Admire your persistence. I fly a car flag that attaches to my mailbox. The mail delivery person has never complained and it is a simple way to take care of it. My mailbox is right beside my front door.

  3. I thoroughly enjoy your writings and look forward to each one. I also like the connection to Texas. I am amazed at how similar our writings seem to be. This post reminds me of one I wrote in May 2011 for Memorial Day and published in the Tyler Morning Telegraph in 2014.
    “My Flag is Flying, Is Yours?”

  4. You have some mighty strong winds out there! But I think it’s great that you put that much effort into flying the flag. We fly ours just off of a bracket on the corner of the garage. Thanks for mentioning that it is disrespectful to fly a tattered flag. I am not sure they are teaching much about flag etiquette in the schools these days.

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