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The Power of Positive Thinking

cattlein hayfield
My nephew Sam brought his wife and son to visit our ranch. Kingsley, Sam’s little boy, was barely three, but already a very good talker with an impressive vocabulary and clear pronunciation.

I offered to take him out to the pasture to see some animals while his parents talked to Sugar because, well, Kingsley and I are men of action. We don’t much cotton to sitting around jawin’ in the courtyard. We set out on our own. Kingsley rode on my shoulders.

He commented on what he was seeing from on high. We talked about various things. We walked about a half mile before we found the livestock, him on my shoulders and me with my bum knees. But I tell you what — I was enjoying myself. I love hanging out with children. I do not get to see my own grandchildren much. It was a real treat to spend time with Kingsley.

As we got near the horses, Kingsley wondered out loud whether horses could step on “somebody.” I pointed out that he was on my shoulders and thus safe from getting stepped upon. He liked that idea. We petted the horses and talked a little about cows too. We noted that cows are big animals also.

Kingsley told me, emphatically and with utter confidence, “Those cows are not going to step on me.” And he was correct. No cow, nor any horse, stepped on him that day. None of them stepped on me either, and I wasn’t even riding on anyone’s shoulders.

As I walked back with Kingsley on my shoulders, we heard some thunder. Kingsley assured me that “It won’t rain on us before we get back to the house.” And, by golly, he was right again. It did not rain on us.

When we got back, we told the boring adults, who were still sitting around, about our adventures. I told them what Kingsley said about the horses and cows and rain not bothering us. His parents had heard such powerful positive thinking from Kingsley before. When he is afraid or worried, he says that what he is worried about is not going to happen. The power of positive speaking. The faith of a little child….

So ever since that life lesson, Sugar and I often quote Kingsley. Tonight, as we sat in our house, eager for the repairs from the recent fire to be completed, Sugar told me that pretty soon everything would be back to normal. She added, “Those cows are not going to step on me.”

That is a good attitude to have in times of trouble.


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21 thoughts on “The Power of Positive Thinking

  1. I also enjoy the company of children. I was a school director and a teacher for many years and I sincerely think the kids taught me as much as I taught them.

  2. I Love It!!!

  3. Children are so very, very wise in their ways! I also enjoyed seeing those Herefords! Are they yours?

  4. I love Kingsley’s attitude, and I admit, I’d be way better off if I adopted it.

  5. i love this picture

  6. Such wonderful motivation. Those cows sure won’t step on me 🙂

  7. Beautiful. I was imagining the whole journey as you retold the tale; wishing that my father could take his grandsons on such a beautiful adventure. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Great story about the power of positive thought! Thanks.


  9. Reblogged this on Life and Random Thinking and commented:
    What do we really control ever in our lives? Maybe just our attitude – this young cowboy has a good start in life.

  10. I love that… “Those cows are not going to step on me”. I think I shall use that when I’m feeling distressed. What a bright little boy.

  11. Amazing post !
    It’s always fun to be around children. They can teach us a lot of things from being optimistic to being happy for no reason . 🙂

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