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Budweiser Puppy’s Friends

A favorite SuperBowl advertisement for Budweiser has a “plot” about the Yellow Labrador Retriever puppy who lives in the barn with the Budweiser Clydesdales. In this year’s ad, the puppy gets lost and on his way home encounters a wolf. The horses save him from the wolf. It is heartwarming.

We have two Yellow Labs, Beau and Sadie. They are no longer puppies. Beau in particular hangs out with the horses and a donkey. Maybe he was at the Budweiser farm when he was a pup. We got him at a shelter when he was two, so we do not know about his past life.

He also gets along with cats. Below are some photos of Beau and various friends which you might find amusing.3amigos
Beau and burro
scamp crossing bridge
Scamp trotting
beau with horse
scamp bowing
And he even has a friend who is a dog, Sadie.labs
And he is my buddy too.
Beau and me watching owl
Oh, he even hangs out with fishes.


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9 thoughts on “Budweiser Puppy’s Friends

  1. We are sure he was once a resident of the Clydesdales’ barn, sir… and Ms Sugar sure looks mighty natural atop Scout… and besides, Beau saved your lives the other month! Or was it Sadie?

    • Beau saved Sugar and a cat from the coyote; Sadie saved her a few years ago from a charging cow. Both are loyal to us, except they did not warn us of the recent fire. Scamp is a trick horse that Sugar trained. See him bow? He also counts, nods, shakes his head, and smiles. You can see him smile in the About section of the blog. He is a smart horse.

  2. Love to see getting along

  3. Great photos! I loved that commercial too. Probably the best part of that superbowl! Dogs and horses seem to get along together pretty well, or at least that’s been my experience.

  4. I had a lab that was my very best friend. Coco. God i loved that dog and i still do. Miss him something awful…it Will be ten years since he passed coming up this June. Your dogs sure do look happy. :).

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