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Riding On My High Horse

I wish I wrote this because it is an excellent editorial about telling it like it is.

Life In The Gym

Warning – This is an off topic post…and not particularly cheery.  If you want gym stuff, skip this.  I’ll have something for you tomorrow.

Every parent has had to respond to a child trying to use somebody else’s bad behavior to excuse their own. Who hasn’t heard the line “But mom, Jimmy does it all the time” when they call their child out for some misdeed or another. It’s a universal parenting experience. So what is the good parent’s response? Do we slink into the corner muttering “Oh, yes, that’s right. Jimmy does do that. I guess it doesn’t matter then. I shouldn’t have brought it up” or do we look our little darling in the eye and say “What Jimmy did was wrong. If he got away with it, it doesn’t make it any better. it’s still wrong. Furthermore, I don’t have the power to stop Jimmy from (insert…

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2 thoughts on “Riding On My High Horse

  1. Truth is truth. Thanks for reposting this.

  2. This is excellent. I fear greatly for our country when we have a President who seemingly does not understand the gravity of the threat from Islamic radicals right here in our country. Why does he hesitate so and pussyfoot around calling them what they are? That is a rhetorical question.

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