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The Wrong Stuff

This is a reblog of one of my own posts. It is a companion to the post I wrote yesterday called Frat Rituals, Dogma and Doctrine. It is also related to an older post called The Right Stuff. I call this one The Wrong Stuff by way of contrast.

Shootin' the Breeze

My previous post, The Right Stuff, referred to courage and loyalty, as contrasted with the evil of damage to family relationships by those who hurt relatives that they should love.  This is on a related but more specific subject of how the Catholic Church treats Christian people who have endured the heartbreak of divorce.  I call it The Wrong Stuff.

My understanding of church doctrine and policy is that a divorced Catholic may continue to go to communion unless and until that person remarries.  The result is that a Christian who desires to partake in the Eucharist is excluded for the reason of entering into a committed relationship, i.e., another marriage.

The Church rationale, as it has been explained to me, is that the Church does not recognize civil divorce, which means the divorced person is still married (in the eyes of the Church) to the otherwise former spouse per civil divorce law.  Such a divorced Catholic…

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