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Plan B: Free Agency

I am reblogging this because it is still applicable — again this year I was not invited to the NFL combine. It is inexplicable, I know, but I believe that my fans want to know why there were no reports on ESPN about my performance at the combine.

Shootin' the Breeze

My previous post described my amazement about not being invited to the National Football League Scouting Combine.  I also offered a possible explanation, which is that the scouts might have seen no need to know more about me than my dimensions since I am the perfect height and weight for an NFL linebacker.  If that important information satisfies them, I need not worry about whether I will be drafted in the NFL draft in April.

Silly as it seems for someone who is the perfect physical specimen to worry, in the event that I am not actually drafted due to some oversight by the 32 teams, it won’t hurt to have an alternative plan.

Plan B is that I can be available as a free agent and signed after the draft.  There is no shame in going that route.

Peyton Manning was picked first in the first round after college. …

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