Shootin' the Breeze

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Who Let The Dogs Out?

The Beau marathon continues. This post from the past describes an event that resulted in a liability claim against our homeowners’ insurance policy. Sad but true. Beau is to blame. We offer him for sale. We don’t want to make a profit — we will sell him for just what we have in him, $50,000.00. Any takers?

Shootin' the Breeze

AUTHOR’S NOTE:  Yesterday was our annual John Wayne Birthday Party.  This is the 2013 sequel to the 2012 post, Dangerous Dangers at Cross Creek Ranch,

beaumodelMiss Sugar, as usual, out-did herself.  She made about nine pies, including pecan, sweet potato, and apple pie, more than one of each kind.  Plus, some of the guests contributed to the dessert table.  Sugar made enough side dishes, such as potato salad, Oklahoma caviar (black beans with something good), baked beans with sausage, cole slaw, cornbread, deviled eggs, and corn casserole, to cover a long serving counter.  I think she put out twelve different dishes that she calls “the fixins”  when she invites our guests to enjoy Texas Bar B Que with all the fixins.  She made her special Texas barbeque sauce.  After last year’s party, she chose to not make three bean salad.

kitchenmargbotelloIt was all pretty good, but what folks will…

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