Shootin' the Breeze

and random targets

The Usual Suspect

This reblog is a companion to yesterday’s Lassie, the Well, and Criminal Minds. Beau has a problem concerning water.

Shootin' the Breeze

I am starting to detect a pattern.

I am not a master plumber, nor an amateur plumber.  I am not a police detective, nor a private eye.  However, I have been involved in two plumbing tasks this week and I have been involved with an ongoing criminal investigation of repeated acts of vandalism.

In both incidents, spraying water coincidently occurred when a certain Yellow Labrador Retriever was in the vicinity of the scene.

The first incident is described in Lassie, the Well, and Criminal Minds.

This very day, an eerily similar incident happened.  I will explain.

Our log house does not have a basement.  It sits on a foundation with a crawl space.  The crawl space is five feet in height.  I am taller than that.  I do not have to literally crawl, but I have to bend and duck.  Within the crawl space are mechanical devices, including a…

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