Shootin' the Breeze

and random targets

Stinky Fish

Beau marathon continues. This is another story of no repentance.

Shootin' the Breeze

swimmingbeauSugar had a great idea.  It was to take the dogs up to Red Feather Lakes, by the Roosevelt National Forest, which is just a few miles up the road from us.  It was a beautiful day on Saturday.  Sugar packed a lunch and we took off with Sadie and Beau.

We selected a spot that any sporting dog would appreciate.  Sadie and Beau are Yellow Labs.  They qualify as sporting dogs and indeed they do like lakes.  I am the one who might not.  I used to enjoy such recreational experiences until Beau came into our lives.

We did not have the place to ourselves.  There were two fishermen who had the gall to fish where we were bringing our dogs.  They had arrived before us even.  How rude.

Sugar and I politely put our dogs on leashes.  We put them on leashes but I did not keep Beau…

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