Shootin' the Breeze

and random targets

Beau Learns to Share

Another Beau story, but one involving one of the cats as well. Ask yourselves: Which is the pussy?

Shootin' the Breeze

I have written many blogs about Beau, one of our Yellow Labs.  In most of the posts, Beau is shown to be a trouble-maker.  This one is different.

Everyone knows that dogs and cats fight like, well, like cats and dogs.

We have a cat named Simba.  Simba is an outside cat.  We feed it in the barn.  It has a cat bed in the barn.  It has a job.  The job is to hunt mice and keep our country home free of rodents.

It is actually a pretty good hunter.  We know that because it brings us trophies.  The trophies show that the cat has made a kill and started, but not finished, a meal.  Sugar would rather just take the cat’s word for it about hunting success.  She is disgusted by Simba’s efforts to document successful hunts.

Simba is supposed to be a barn cat, not a porch…

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