Shootin' the Breeze

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The Welcome Committee

Welcome Committee

The weather is wonderful.  It seems like Spring is here.  The birds are singing.  We have birdhouses to attract our feathery friends, but so far, no takers.  Any suggestions?


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10 thoughts on “The Welcome Committee

  1. Now that’s a great photo! Kitties just waiting for company….love it!

  2. Catnip bags strung from low limbs on the other side of the house.

  3. My advice would be to contact a local birding group who will be able to help you. I live in England where the standard rules are to put nest boxes up so they face north to avoid the sun. Have them well separate from any other boxes you put up, and if you have sufficient foliage to hide them, so much the better. Put them as high as you can manage but they must be securely fastened to a substantial base, perhaps the trunk of the tree, for example. Leave them up over the winter and the birds will get used to them. Sometimes, they will use them to escape the bad weather, snow and ice, and then they might use them to breed in later, when spring finally arrives. Above all, good luck!

    • That is good advice. Thanks for taking the time to describe what we should be doing to attract birds. The birdhouses on the fence are not attractive to the birds, but we use them as decorations and the cats “perch” there. My wife saw this photo opportunity because we think it is funny to have bookend cats at that particular spot. I doubt the cats realize they are sentinels for the birdhouses.

  4. I like the bookend-cats, they add a touch of irony.

    • Thanks, we noticed them sitting there like that and my wife captured the scene. I doubt the cats even recognize they are by birdhouses. We just thought it was funny and wanted to share that irony.

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