Shootin' the Breeze

and random targets

Hunt Team

hunt team

I pity whatever is hiding in the hole.  The hunt team is on the prowl.


It takes concentration.

Hunting Party

And a willingness to go far afield.pointer

And it don’t hurt to bring a huntin’ dog to point out the quarry.


Team work!

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5 thoughts on “Hunt Team

  1. Are you thinking Prairie Dog or badger?

  2. Badger would be a bad find! My wife’s old Springer Spaniel at 14 and senile, found a Badger hole, while we took a walk around the section.I had to put him on my shoulder and carry him home – thank God that Badger dug faster, Freck was only getting dirt in the face! I was not packing, so I sent my wife’s brothers back with the right armament!

  3. I trust Beau did not bring the decedent to show Ms. Sugar.

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