Shootin' the Breeze

and random targets

One-Conditional Love

Loving innocents,

such as babies and pets,

comes naturally.

It is unconditional love

we feel for our newborn children.

They did not earn our love.

They have it automatically.

I expect more from adults.

My love has one condition —

that they love me back.

A one-sided romance

is impossible.

That is called delusion.

Obsession is not love.

Mutual love is healthy.

God loves us as His children

no matter what, offering forgiveness.

I am not God.

I am less than God

so I require more in return.

I expect fellow humans,

such as adult family members

and friends,

to love me back

and to be loyal

or my love fades.

That is my one condition.


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3 thoughts on “One-Conditional Love

  1. only possible through the Holy Spirit~

  2. Joan and Ron on said:

    I love this, Alan Just found your website again…will follow on. joanie

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