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Fixin’ To Git ‘Er Done

Folks in Texas say “fixin’ to”

when describing intent.

“I was fixin’ to fix the leaky faucet

when my wife got ‘er done.”

I’ve been fixin’ to write a poem

about folks who procrastinate.

I maybe could after I file our tax returns,

provided I get around to that by April 15th.

That’s what I’m fixin’ to do anyway.

Or else an extension.

Of course, I might put it off a spell.

I have not yet commenced

to actually take it on.

But don’t worry,

I am fixin’ to do just that.


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13 thoughts on “Fixin’ To Git ‘Er Done

  1. Makes perfectly good sense to me. I’m fixin’ to go get some breakfast, rite after I finish writing this comment.

  2. I’m fixin to do the dishes and work on those tax returns….after while….Deadlines looming, guess skipping the IRS is not going to work! Next week is almost here and I better “git it done.”

  3. Taxes are done – thank God. Had to pay -or there’d be hell to pay; so I gave the devil his due!

  4. onemunchingmomma on said:

    And I’m fixin’ to write another post; having a hard time trying to “git it done” 😉

  5. Now that’s one thing, taxes, that we all hate to be “fixin to”. Love the post. 🙂

  6. I’ve been fixin’ to do a lot of stuff, but as for taxes, I’ve been done and paid up for over a month now. I don’t want them IRS boys fixin’ to garish my pay!!!

    Like this poem by the way.

  7. (actually meant ‘garnish’, and not ‘garish’ as I wrote in that previous comment)

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