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Unchained Heart

Readers familiar with this blog know that our dog, Beau, is a free spirit.  Yesterday he was more free than we desired.

We do not have a fenced in yard.  Past dogs have stayed home without containment.  Sadie is a current resident who follows that protocol.  Beau has normally done the same except recently he ventured away and was ultimately located at a neighboring ranch where Beau found their chickens.  We had been searching for him fearfully until our neighbor tattled.  Sadie, who did not leave, being a goody-goody, kept her mouth shut about Beau’s whereabouts.

Consequently, Beau is either: inside the house, in a stall in the barn, outside with us, or outside without us.  He is unchained except for that final option.  His “chain” is a rubber-coated wire leash with a metal snap thingy to connect to his collar.  The chain is about thirty feet long, allowing him to either lay by the back door on the deck or roam 30 feet into the courtyard or to a grassy knoll the other direction.  He has water and shade.  He also has Sadie for company.

Regardless of those favorable conditions, Beau tested the limits yesterday.  He discovered that chains and leashes are only a state of mind.  His positive attitude was rewarded.  Like Dr. King’s vision, Beau was free at last, free at last.  I don’t know whether he thanked God, but he did recognize that his restraints could not bind him.  He might have been inspired in his daily Bible reading by the story of Samson, breaking the bonds that formerly bound him.  Beau is a dog with great faith.

We were unaware of Beau’s achievement because when we looked on the deck, he was laying there with Sadie.  He said nothing.  Sadie said nothing.  However, someone said something.

I got a call from a man who tattled on Beau.  The man told me that our dog came running out on the road to see him, and the man noticed that a long cord was fastened to Beau’s collar.  Afraid it would get caught on something, the man kindly removed the cord and hung it on our front gate.  He told Beau to go home, and he did.  The man noticed that our other dog, Sadie, was on the porch, where Beau returned.

I went to the gate and retrieved the broken cord.  Apparently it is engineered for smaller dogs, or at least for dogs with less faith.

I read the story of Samson too.  Beau is getting a haircut and a new chain.  Beaurunning

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8 thoughts on “Unchained Heart

  1. Beau keeps you on your toes!

  2. A dog of character!

  3. My Samantha in highschool would clear a six foot fence every time the bell rang to let school out and would meet me on the way home.

  4. A difficult task embarks the one who tries to contain a free spirit … I think I heard my husband say this once or twice … :-/

  5. What a great dog! But he’d give his life to save you or Ms. Sugar.

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