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Beau’s Purpose in Life


Today, as usual, Beau, pictured above, went with me to the barn when I fed the horses.  Then I returned to the house.  Alone.

Sugar, my wise and discerning wife, commented, “Did you call Beau and he did not come?”

“Yes.  You are correct.  No, he did not come.  He is busy eating horse manure.  He looked right at me when I called him, but ignored my invitation.  He seemed to be laughing at me.”

Miss Sugar, usually so sweet, made a statement about our beloved Yellow Labrador Retriever, and also mentioned Beau too.  It should be noted that we got Beau from an animal shelter shortly after Max died.  We did so because Sadie, another Yellow Lab, was depressed and not eating as she mourned Max.  Beau is also a Yellow Lab, but he ain’t no Max.  He did, however, help Sadie by distracting her with his antics, of which she constantly disapproves.

Sugar sighed and said, “I think Beau’s purpose on earth is to remind us of what a wonderful dog Max was.”

The better we get to know Beau, as we have been doing for over two years now, the more we appreciate and miss Max.


Max – look at his sincere expression and contrast it to Beau’s smirk above.

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13 thoughts on “Beau’s Purpose in Life

  1. This made me laugh and loved the pictures! Beau really does look like he is smirking and Max looks sooooooo sweet and innocent 😀

  2. Some say looks can be deceiving, but in the case of these photos, they accurately depict the personalities involved. A picture is worth a thousand words.

  3. That Beau is a real stem-winder!

  4. Gosh, Beau will always give you something to ponder!! I think there are people like Max and Beau too…..

  5. Beau is beautiful. I see a very intelligent, darling, wonderful, loyal companion in that photo. Ha….as usual, your story about lovely Beau made me laugh…great thing to read this morning!

  6. You love Beau. Admit it. And don’t feel bad about his eating cow poop. My oldest daughter’s cute dog Kilo, adored by my two youngest kids, managed to lick clean the kitchen floor…after my granddaughter had a poop explosion.

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