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Beauty of the Beast

Sugar, my trophy wife, a former model for many years, has gotten me into the modeling business again.  I say “again” because as most Americans of a certain age recall, I once appeared in a print ad in The Omaha World Herald advertising the teen department at Nebraska Clothing.  After all the acclaim that brought me, I cut back on modeling and concentrated on other endeavors, until last Friday that is.

Last Friday, Sugar reserved an area of Old Town Fort Collins for a Plein Aire event, which I recently learned means something in French about painting as a group outdoors.  The participating artists picked different subjects to paint on the spot in about a two hour period.  Some painted store fronts of area businesses within view, or of people sitting at tables in the park area.  One artist said he was having trouble choosing a subject and asked me what I had planned for the next couple hours.  He is a Western artist so he is partial to cowboys rather than storefronts and fountains and such sissy city stuff.

Here is the result.  It would make the Mona Lisa smile.  No brag, just fact.


The artist, Jim Whartman, gave the original to Sugar, but for those of you who want a print, I will try to get you a WordPress discount.  But I ain’t making no promises.


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14 thoughts on “Beauty of the Beast

  1. Wonderful! It looks great… so I guess that means you look great!

  2. Thanks. I asked Jim to make my nose smaller, but he said, “too late.”

  3. Who’s that rugged yet dapper young man?!

  4. Jeanne Thoms on said:

    This is great! Wish I had been there. Also wish he had captured your smile!

    Your wife is doing such a great job with her artists.

    Bless you all as we head to Sedona for a week.

    Love you guys,


  5. Lookin’ good!!

  6. That’s a really good portrait!

    • The finished product is better, but I don’t know where to hang it without feeling odd about displaying a portrait of myself. Jim did a great job.

      • Oh…get into the “fitness” spirit! You get to display photos, sculptures, portraits of yourself EVERYWHERE! It’s part of the culture. It’s both welcome and expected! On a serious note, that artist did a great job. I always admire people who can paint/draw. I have no talent in that area whatsoever so I love seeing what other people can create!

  7. You are right. A sculpture would be better to show more than my head. My law office is in a high rise bank building. I’m thinking the lobby would be a good location for an image of me, me, me to decorate the place. Or outside the courthouse in the park for the enjoyment of tourists. Now you got me thinkin’…

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