Shootin' the Breeze

and random targets

A Thousand Dawns

At first light each day

Before I open my eyes

I hear dogs shaking their collars

So the metal tags on them jingle

Which is my order to get up

To let them out

To do their business

And come back to the porch

To be fed

So I comply because

I don’t want to awaken my wife

Which means that I cannot

Return to bed, instead

I stay downstairs with the dogs

While I drink my coffee

Proving to my pets

That I have been trained

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10 thoughts on “A Thousand Dawns

  1. I can relate, I went to that school. Good piece.

  2. a chuckle there at the end. enjoyed it.

  3. WELL trained, too.

  4. Ummm, Beau reported that you didn’t come quite quickly enough a couple of times last week. He’s hoping for an improvement in response time but other than that, he says you’re doing very well!

    My dogs have trained me quite well too. They were up at midnight last night, banging on the wall and whining to be let out of their pen. When they were puppies, we put them in their pen (a very nicely appointed, roomy, sheltered area with a big doghouse and large, open air, straw-filled bed on the side) to protect them from predators at night and have continued to do so….but now, when the moon is full, or the wind is blowing, or they just want to run, they knock against the side wall, knowing I’ll hear and come let them out to play).

  5. Oh…and I should add that they treed a raccoon at 3:00am and started barking and creating a ruckus so I got up again and lured them back into their pen with a lovely chicken snack…where they stayed for a couple of hours before “requesting” to be let out again. What’s happened to me? I trained classrooms full of children to behave well…now look at me. I’m being run by dogs!

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