Shootin' the Breeze

and random targets

In My Dreams…

In her dreams she envisions a place

Where artists can display their work

Where art classes are taught

Where art supplies are provided

And the produced art is sold

To patrons who sip sweet tea,

Or lemonade or espresso

As they make their selections

Not just on First Friday Gallery Walks

But daily.

So we found a place

And signed the papers

And started moving in.

My wife has the vision.

I drive the truck

And load and unload

And put up displays

For my wife, the visionary artist,

Because that is what

A husband is supposed to do,

For it is more than supporting

Dreams of my creative wife;

The real truth about marriage is —

In my dreams, her dreams come true!


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13 thoughts on “In My Dreams…

  1. It is good to make your wife happy.

  2. Thanks you. If every woman on the planet had a husband like you, it would be a beautiful world.

  3. Love described. Thank you.

  4. That was a beautiful piece of work. Sounds like you are both lucky to have each other.

  5. Oh wow! I am excited about her idea too! I know it will be great. I’d love to help on something like that.

  6. Great post, my friend. You are a blessed man.

  7. oledphatnuglee on said:

    Awwww, that’s beautiful.

  8. You, sir, are whipped. šŸ™‚

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  10. That is awesome! And what a beautiful woman she is!

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