Shootin' the Breeze

and random targets

“And the Deer and the Antelope Play”

This is a repeat of a story about Woody to follow up on yesterday’s post, also starring King of the Wild Stallions.

Shootin' the Breeze

Above is pictured the rare double-headed antelope photographed by Miss Sugar.

This week I published two posts about buffaloes and where they used to roam. Now we’re going to continue with the Home on the Range theme.

Miss Sugar and I live where the deer and the antelope play.

I am not sure what the songwriter meant because in my experience the deer and antelope do not play together, but they do kinda play within their respective species.  While on the subject of species, I have been told that what the songwriter labeled as antelopes are technically pronghorns.  Miss Sugar has studied up on all this and corrects me when I say antelope instead of pronghorn.  I might have this wrong, but I think she said pronghorns are the fastest land animals in North America.  Actual antelopes live in Africa or someplace outside of the Greater Livermore Metropolitan Area.


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