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Our Signature Rock

Signature Rock

There are many “signature rocks” on many trails.  They are places that pioneers and later passers-by could carve their names into soft sandstone.  Near our house, a part of the Overland Trail has a Signature Rock.  We often take ranch guests up there.  Today, Sugar and I went there with the dogs.  Here are some photos so that you might feel you have vicariously traveled this portion of the Overland Trail.  Note the ruts from 140 years ago.  She even took a picture of our house as viewed from Signature Rock.  The final photo is of another landmark on the Overland Trail — Steamboat Rock.

Cross Creek Ranch from Signature Rock

sinature rock on overland trail

initials on rock Roberts sig

more signaturesoverland remnantsoverland trail rutssteamboat rock

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7 thoughts on “Our Signature Rock

  1. Jeanne Thoms on said:

    Gorgeous! Yes, I believe you both took us to the Overland Trail ruts; and it was about that time that your neighbor’s ranch hand came to tell us to leave the property.

    Keep on posting!!


    • Sugar told me that happened. I was not there. It was embarrassing for her that the man did not recognize her because we do have permission from the owner to go there. However, that guy was subsequently fired (not for that reason), and now a young fella manages the ranch whom I have known since he was in 4th grade. Did you get to see the teepee rings? They are circles of rocks used to hold down the edges with a center fire pit ringed with rocks too.

  2. Thanks, Dr. Lynn. Sugar took them all.

  3. Beautiful country. Hard to believe those ruts are 140 years old!!

  4. You and your much cuter half live in glorious surroundings, sir. I do wonder what aliens will think stumbling across these carvings in thousands of years. “How primitive this world was… They were still using stone tablets like Fred Flintstone.” But seriously, I am very amazed to see a wagon trail after all these decades. Even parts of the original Route 66 are being swallowed up by nature.

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