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Ahmed Mohamed’s Clock

Ahmed Mohamed, a high school freshman in Irvine, Texas, has been in the news for bringing to school a clock that looked exactly like a bomb and then expecting an apology from the authorities who thought it looked exactly like a bomb.

President Obama, master of political correctness, invited Ahmed to the White House because he had been wronged by all who worried that what looked like a bomb might be one.  I seriously doubt that if one of my children pulled such a prank there would be a White House invitation.  What is special about Ahmed?  He is protected by political correctness.

Ahmed is a clever prankster.  He apparently counted on folks being so afraid of looking like racists for suspecting a kid from a culture which has produced  terrorists with bombs that no one would dare “profile” him as a bomb-maker.  Or, he wanted them to do so.  (If Osama bin Laden had a son, he would look like Ahmed.)  Ahmed knew it was just a clock, so he did not fear dire consequences.  But he surely intended that it look like a bomb, even bringing it in a suitcase.  It was not brought to school for a science fair.  He did not take precautions, as far as I know, to correct the impression that it looked like a bomb.

Looks and culture and religion aside, I remember two incidents close to me that were not funny pranks.

This week I drove past Columbine High School and Columbine Memorial Park.  We all know about the sad incident there that resulted in many deaths from two white students bringing a bomb and guns for deadly purposes.

On the subject of fake weapons, a woman in our county had a confrontation with police.  She refused to put down her toy water pistol.  She knew it was a toy.  The police did not.  She wanted them to think it was real.  She was shot.  Suicide by cop they call it.  Ahmed and Barack — It was not a funny prank.  Neither is it funny to make a clock look like a bomb in order to get frightened reactions.

Ahmed needs to grow up.  President Obama needs to stay out of school discipline.

Thoughts on the Black Lives Matter Protesters

Dr. Lynn wrote an excellent article. She has the credentials to say what she did.

Life In The Gym

This is an off topic post so if you’re here for the gym stuff, come on back and see me tomorrow!


For the Black Lives Matter Protesters and Supporters

Useful Idiot is a term that you may or may not be familiar with.  It’s use is often attributed to Vladimir Lenin.  Regardless of it’s actual point of origin, it’s used to describe people who function as tools in a cause whose ultimate goals they are blind to and whose leaders hold them in contempt while simultaneously using them for their own ends. In the case of Black Lives Matter, it describes a purposeful manipulation of emotion and a spoonfeeding of propaganda on the part of the more powerful leaders that is taken up by the street level protestors or “marks” as truth.  

You see, they are using you, my friends.  They’re using you as attack dogs to help in…

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