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Observations on Recent Events

Allow me to make a few brief comments about things that are obvious.  I do this because people smarter than me and more powerful than me are saying things that cause me to wonder whether they are missing some points and why.

Not all immigrants are the same.  There are those who want to come to America to assimilate.  They want to become Americans.  There are others who locate here and then want America to change for them, such as by adopting Sharia law.  There are people who come with the idea of attacking America by posing as refugees.  ISIS has admitted it uses this strategy.  These are not widows and children.  These are military age men who, in the case of Syria, choose to leave Syria rather than fight ISIS.  Some are part of ISIS.  It is not wise to welcome them just to look friendly.  It is okay to be suspicious.

I have read that President Reagan allowed many refugees into our country so we should follow his example.  Those were largely refugees who were fleeing Viet Nam.  Remember the “boat people”?  They did not want to live under Communism.  Churches helped them resettle.  In hindsight, we see that these immigrants from Southeast Asia did not commit any terrorist acts that I am aware of.  So, that turned out to be a good decision.  It resulted in many class valedictorians who are of Vietnamese descent and who are now proudly Americans.

On the other hand, it is not a coincidence that terrorist acts are being committed by men from the Mideast who declare that their murderous acts are in the name of Allah.  Having been told that, is it not stupid to pretend that we don’t believe it is dangerous to our own safety to bring in Islamic men who fit that profile?  President Obama wants us to feel ashamed to say we don’t want them here.  His job and sworn duty is to protect the people of our nation.  That does not require leading sensitivity sessions about not hurting the feelings of foreigners even if they pose a threat.  It is odd that a week after the Paris attacks, which we now know were done by terrorists who were refugees betraying France after being allowed to come there, that we are lectured to ignore what we just witnessed.

It is also interesting to me that Saudi Arabia is not welcoming refugees from Syria.  Is that because the Islamic terrorists would rather come to Europe and America because Saudi Arabia is already a Muslim nation?  Saudi Arabia is not a target.  Or, if that is not the reason, why would another nation with a similar culture not help fellow Muslims?  Why should America do what Saudi Arabia won’t.

President Obama has tried to shame us by saying “That is not who we are” if we are wary of Syrian refugees.  I disagree.  Who we are is a nation which has been attacked by Islamic terrorist and does not want to have that happen again.  We have our own widows as a result of those attacks.  We need to be protective of our own children.  This is an issue where a political correctness argument falls flat.

You are not paranoid if they are really after you.





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8 thoughts on “Observations on Recent Events

  1. Thank you for speaking plainly, clearly, and honestly. Honesty is not P.C., you know…

  2. Thank you!! My thoughts exactly!!

  3. I agree with what you are saying here. I think that while the majority of the Syrian refugees probably mean us no harm, nested among them are a radical few that want to kill us all…every one of us. And I don’t believe we have any reliable way of telling which are which. That said, I further think that because of other ‘holes in the system’, including lax border policies, we probably already have terrorists living among us right now planning death and destruction. I fear for what my lie ahead, I really do.

    • I share your concerns about holes in the system for detecting terrorists. There is a strategy for terrorists to use the excuse of being a refugee when really the goal is to come kill us.

  4. I am in agreement with your educated writings here, sir.

    Ever since our President fueled the racial fire by exclaiming “…that could have been my son”, our country has become even more divided… I think to the point where healing may not be achievable.

    These inhumans indeed have only one goal: to kill anyone who doesn’t believe in Allah. Unlike the Vietnamese exodus, this is RELIGIOUS. Obama is blind implying Reagan did the same thing. The end can only be achieved in one fashion, I believe.

    As our good friend the Colonel wrote, these inhumans invade countries with the purpose of killing. Its a fact. We’d be nuts to allow a free pass but Obama as you say tries the sympathy card. I’ll tell you what… if I may. If these kind hearted souls believe we should let refugees in who have been warring with each other in their god’s name, let them offer up their homes… like homestay. Don’t bring bacon into their own home will become a reality if they are true hosts… or their wives or daughters get beheaded for showing more than they allow.

    One other concept from a war perspective: we won the the Southwest Pacific by ensuring fewer of our boys died and more of theirs did. Be realistic and look at just Paris… Something like 120 humans died at the hands of 6 or 7 of them? That is totally opposite of how wars are won, yes? Now add up the casualties world-wide for the cause of Allah…

    I’ll get off my soap box now… My apologies.

    • I appreciate and agree with your comments, expanding on mine. I like your soap box. I think we share the same one.

      • My soapbox shows “ACME” stenciled on the outside. ☺ Let’s not address history’s all-time Robin Hood: Obama Care. ☺ Of course, Californicate’s TV and radio commercials actually lie outright and present it as a huge success.

  5. Why should America do what Saudi Arabia won’t? Why should England do what Russia won’t? Or Japan won’t? Or China won’t? Certain countries refuse repeatedly to take refugees. And, seco0ndly, it is not racist to protect yourself. The racism comes from those who will eagerly kill anybody white, including children and old people, and then call it a military victory.

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