Shootin' the Breeze

and random targets

Broken Hearts

Broken hearts don’t work the same

As they did before the break.

The trusting parts will never heal.

The wounds will always ache.

Stabs of betrayal leave holes

Through which joy flows out.

It’s more than one can bear

When loyalty’s in doubt.

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9 thoughts on “Broken Hearts

  1. Makes me want to give a hug of encouragement 😦

  2. This is very profound. I have a category on my site called “Not My Poetry”; would you mind if I shared this? Of course, with a link to your great site! I just like to ask first.

  3. Please share it. I am complimented that you like it.

  4. PTS and hyper-vigilance are not such rare responses to personal betrayal. 😦
    Not to mention anguish and self-recrimination, doubting one’s judgment, second guessing everything … and generally becoming an unpleasant person 😦 Self-harming and sabotaging reconciliations and social withdrawal … it is a difficult thing to even acknowledge and impossible to bear.

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