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Things We Learned From the Fire


A year ago, we were recovering from a fire.  (See post entitled “Fire in the Hole.”)

It seems long ago and it seems like it just happened.

It was hard but we got through it.

We learned that some people we did not expect to help were there for us; some people we consider friends did not offer to help.

It was bad enough but could have been much worse.

Now our house is better than ever after the fireplace was replaced and some new furniture.

God protected us and provided for us.


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12 thoughts on “Things We Learned From the Fire

  1. God provided some valuable insight along the way it appears. HE never promised life would be easy, just a glorious reward at the end. So glad you were helped by those you did not expect. Blessings.

  2. TJ & B on said:

    Thank God that yyou both survived.

  3. Yes, the propane could have exploded.

  4. New meaning to fire place. Bless those who helped.

  5. Yes, it can be rather traumatic when you find out who your real friends are in a moment of crisis.

  6. I know it can be traumatic, I had one go in Jan. ’78. Like you say, you get over it – but you won’t forget it or the smell.

  7. So glad that no one (and not the beloved critters) were hurt!

    • The beloved dogs could have warned us of the smoke. They were sleeping downstairs by the fireplace whereas we were upstairs on the other side of a closed door. Lassie would have warned us. Beau and Sadie did not.

  8. Ugh…awful…what a scary event. Fires are no joke. We’ve had a lot of fire cleanup in our life over these past couple of years. We had a property burn pretty good. House was saved, just barely (by a firefighter who stayed there alone all night but the back half of the land was burned to a crisp. My son called that area Armageddon. The fire burned so hot that not only were trees burned to the ground, they burned underground so that there were lunar landscape type holes left all over. It was crazy. Then came the floods…boo. After a lot of re-planting and backbreaking work and time, it looks remarkably better (but will never be the same inside of 50 years). You’re right, it was surprising to find out who came to help and who did not.

    • I’m sorry you had such an awful experience. It is good your house was saved.

      • Yes…a very good thing, although I did occasionally wish it had burned at the very beginning. It was so ugly all around us…I thought we could just chain the gate and walk away for a few years before rebuilding. It’s come a remarkably long way in just a couple of years. It’s actually pretty again and the wild animals have returned. Some friends were incredibly helpful in the rehab process and some never showed up at all when fun camp became work camp!

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