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Snowed In


We woke to snow and it kept coming all day.  What do we care?

We have wood to  burn.  I think there is plenty of propane in the tank.  We paid the electric bill.  And have a generator too.  We have hay in the barn.  We have groceries, including dog food and cat food.  If we brush off the satellite dishes, we have internet and TV.

I still have to go outside.  The horses rely on me to throw them hay and fill the heated stock tank with water.  They appreciate my care.  We have relationships.  They have independent personalities.  On the other hand, the barn cats, who also have personalities, are less appreciative.  Rather, they believe that they are entitled.  They scold me when they should be worshiping me.  I doubt many barn cats have a covered bed heated by an electric blanket.

A snow plow went up our country road.  We could get to the highway if there were not drifts on the lane.  But we don’t need to go to town.  I got a call that the Rural Land Use Advisory Board meeting was cancelled.

I shoveled off the deck three times but it does not appear that mattered.  It is deep with snow again.  An avalanche slid off the steep metal roof.

Sugar made soup and grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch and we had leftover ziti and Italian green beans for supper.

Being snowed is kinda fun.  Especially with Miss Sugar.

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9 thoughts on “Snowed In

  1. It is fun!

  2. And we here in NE have your weather. Town shut down. Winds 52 mph. Wood stove blazing, we are cozy. It’s good to be prepared.

  3. Here it comes in Illinois but we expect to miss the worst of it. But there’s a dog carpet beside me–both beasts are staying close. I’d rather have heaping drifts of snow than the wet mix we expect. Yuck!

  4. Beau is SO cute!! My husky pups are snow crazy. You have to chase them around to get them to take shelter even in the coldest, snowiest weather. They sleep on piles of snow (preferring it to their warm straw bed or house).

  5. Find a room, you two. ☺

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