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Funeral Etiquette

Dear President Obama,

Yesterday, in Washington D.C., where you reside, a funeral service was held for Justice Scalia, who served 30 years on the United States Supreme Court.  It would have been nice of you to have attended.  The flip side is that it was rude of you to not attend.

Maybe you had an excellent excuse.  I do not know what you were doing yesterday.  But you know.  It must have been extremely important.  It must have been top secret.

Of course, if it was top secret, I could have checked it out in Hillary Clinton’s email.

Supreme Court Justices’ lives matter.  They deserve to be honored when their lives end.  Even if one does not agree with all legal rulings made by Justice Scalia, he deserves the thanks of the American people for his service to our nation.  It would have been a good example for us Americans if you had put politics aside and attended the funeral of Justice Scalia.  Instead, you chose to send a different message.  Shame on you!


An American Citizen


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8 thoughts on “Funeral Etiquette

  1. Bravo Zulu! As someone said their mother taught them, “If you wonder whether you should go to a funeral, you should go to a funeral.” Regardless of the reason, if any, very small-minded, and mean-spirited, no real surprise, though from the man that couldn’t even send a representative to Lady Thatcher’s. Then again I suspect Justice Scalia’s family was likely relieved that the focus was on Justice Scalia

  2. I.Could.Not.Agree.More. Very classless.

  3. ColorStorm on said:

    The first words out of my mouth when I heard of the Honorable Scalia’s passing, was an instant ‘noooooooooooooo,’ having nothing to do with politics, but because the world lost a good man.

    Would to God the ‘better reason’ for not attending be known. Great thought here, tkx.

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