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Sugar and I went on a little weekend trip to Vail. Ski season just ended. Many places in the village were closed but enough were open. Few people wandered the area. By the melted skating rink, a young couple was playing with their Golden Retriever puppy. They said it is 8 weeks old. It is as cute as any puppy you have ever seen.

There was an older dog, a Black Lab with a gray muzzle , who was also by the rink. He had a squeek toy that his owner was throwing. The Lab would fetch it gladly, then squeek it again so he’d get another turn. The puppy watched and tried to join in, but he was not fast enough. The older dog could even catch it in the air. The puppy did not have a chance.


Now he has seen how it is done by an expert.  Wait until next year, after he has completed his internship.


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5 thoughts on “Internship

  1. The young are pretty quick to surpass the old in terms of energy, aren’t they? It takes a little longer to match them in wits.

  2. Experience is valuable.

  3. Such an amazing take on the word ‘ínternship’… 😀

  4. My puppies (2 years old…so not actually puppies) need an internship with a husky who knows how to walk on a leash without pulling and how to greet people without jumping on them to show their enthusiasm!

    That puppy photo is SO adorable!

  5. We don’t have a Husky mentor but could send Beau to teach them to swim.

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