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Beau’s Hot Tub Etiquette


We have a log bunkhouse on our ranch.  It was the original homestead cabin, but has been refurbished except for the logs themselves.  The roof, electrical, plumbing, and storm windows are all new.  It has a bathroom.  It has a sauna.  We advertise it on Air B&B.  Our guests seem to like it.  My wife, Sugar, goes overboard in the hospitality department.  She is a wonderful cook.  It is more than “bed and breakfast.”

This past weekend we had guests from another state.  They were recently married.  Both husband and wife are engineers.  Smart couple.  Supposedly.

For engineers, they failed to foresee obvious dangers.  They failed to account for our dog, Beau.  Big mistake!

Beau is, as loyal readers recall, a Yellow Labrador Retriever.  He retrieves items whether or not he has been requested to do so.  Hence the problem.

The young couple took advantage of the opportunity to relax in our hot tub located in the courtyard.  Beau took advantage of them.

They wore robes and sandals.  They carried towels.  Beau watched.

He watched more carefully than they did.  They placed their towels and robes over the cantina bar next to the hot tub.  They put their sandals on the step up into the hot tub.

Beau waited from them to get into the tub.  He waited for them to relax.  He waited for an opportune moment.  He caught them unaware.

Then he grabbed a robe and ran.  When the husband got out to fetch it from Beau, holding a towel around his waist, Beau circled back and grabbed the remaining towel, having left the robe 50 feet from the tub.  Faster than the man, Beau got a sandal before he got back.

Sugar looked out a window, observed the chaos, and intervened.  She retrieved the items for the couple.  They decided that they had relaxed enough and returned to the bunkhouse.

Beau had a wonderful time.  He hopes they come back to visit.  Fat chance.



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19 thoughts on “Beau’s Hot Tub Etiquette

  1. I love Beau adventures. . . . I think when we come, we’ll put dog treats in the robes. 🙂

  2. Beau is the best!

    • The best at what? Making trouble?

      • My dog pulled a “Beau” yesterday. I was leaning over and he grabbed the scarf I had around my neck and ran. I wasn’t happy because the scarf was given to me by a Navy veteran’s wife because she knows I like patriotic items (it’s red, white and blue). He took off and I tried to get it back but he kept running. I finally got smart and went into the house after I told him it was time to eat. He came up to the door to wait for his dinner so I gave it to him then went looking for the scarf, which I eventually found. Luckily it was intact. As I came back toward the house with it, he raised his head from his bowl and gave me the most guilty look ever (but I know he didn’t really care).

  3. I love that you have the original homestead cabin on your property and that you’ve refurbished it. That’s so cool!

    • I am glad you got your scarf back. Offering dinner was a great strategy. Welcome to my world of having a dog who thinks he is funny when he takes something that you want but are not fast enough to catch him.

  4. Love hearing stories about Beau. And I really like that cabin!!

  5. Just dropping in. Ran across the cowboy lawyer on another blog I frequent and came over for a look-see. I’ll browse for while and maybe show up on your followers list before long.

  6. How long did it take you to teach Beau that trick, Cowboy?:)

  7. I can just see the comments section rating the stay…..and your lovely wife trying to convince you to construct a hanging rack & shelf for shoes. She will be “re-writing the description of the cabin and adding a link to this post. Staying at your B&B will require a sense of humor!

  8. I really, really gotta go visit Beau.

  9. We’d love to have you. Bring an extra towel for back-up.

  10. Reblogged this on Morning Story and Dilbert and commented:
    Nothing like a good dog story and a cuppa coffee…. Gotta love “Shootin the Breeze…”

  11. How could anyone not laugh! Dogs are so cool 🙂

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