Shootin' the Breeze

and random targets

Equine Companionship

Walked out in the pasture

To clear my mind

To enjoy God’s outdoors

Walking alone through the grass

When I heard the hoof beats.

Two geldings ran up to me

Inquiring about my presence

And whether I needed friends.

I did need their acceptance

And their comfort.

They each sniffed my hands

And my hair, letting me pet them

Even hugging their necks.

It feels good to know they care.

One can have a relationship

With horses as well as dogs.

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9 thoughts on “Equine Companionship

  1. I like it when horses sniff me and make those little snorting sounds and then try to nibble a bit… but not bite! I like the scent of horse skin–you probably know what i mean!

  2. I do know what you mean.

  3. LOVED this post! After having put our Australian Shepherd down several years ago, I didn’t want another dog. She was my buddy and nothing could replace her. Then life got crazy after we adopted three more kids, we didn’t think it was good to add one more thing. We just recently got a dog again. I cannot tell you how much this animal has helped our family find a natural calm. He is Great Dane … ha, got myself a horse and dog all at the same time. He is the best dog I ever had!

  4. So sorry, this was just suppose to be a link… didn’t realize it would post the picture and this big … please feel free to delete my comment :-/

  5. I am glad to get the picture. Your dog is indeed the size of a horse, at least a pony. We love dogs and horses.

  6. What a great post, bub. I loved it. I miss kissing my horse’s muzzle, you know, just behind and above the mouth. . .

    Thank you for sharing your horses with us.

  7. Sophie Callahan on said:

    What a beautiful piece of writing. Thank you for sharing. x

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