Shootin' the Breeze

and random targets

Learning From Horses


Babe, Misty, Tony, Flicka, Domino, Gypsy, Duke, Lightning, Star, Mitzy, Honey, Ben, Smokey, Sweet Pea, Basko, Dillon, Dusty, Cody, Sasi, Velvet, Holly, Scamp, Woody and many others

Are all teachers of mine.

They taught me patience and assertiveness,

They taught me communication and psychology.

They taught me the joy of partnership.

And the thrill of horse and rider doing what neither could do alone.



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6 thoughts on “Learning From Horses

  1. No joke. You must be a very wise man. I only had one teacher, Samantha. What an angel and wow, was she patient.
    Thanks for the photos, beautiful. Soon those places will be covered in snow, eh?

  2. I wonder if you had to repeat some of those lessons over the years; or do the horses just continue to educate? They are beauties. What wonderful views you have!

  3. How is Beau doing these days?

  4. Yep, and I always remember Reagan’s comment, “There is nothing better for the inside of a man than the outside of a horse.”

  5. Gypsy & Ricochet ♥ I especially miss their smell. Crazy, yes.

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