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Born This Way

Baby puppies and kitties do not run around right away.  Baby horses do.  It is funny to watch a one-day old foal run and buck.  It can have no memory beyond yesterday.  What is it thinking?


I suppose a difference between dogs and horses is that dogs are predators and horses are prey.  As prey, they must immediately be capable of fleeing danger.

But mostly, foals play.

I don’t know what is going through their minds, but it sure looks like it would be fun to be a foal.


What they can’t imagine is that when they grow up the real fun begins.


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6 thoughts on “Born This Way

  1. They are amazing!

    • Yes. Our neighbors had two mares in a pasture by us and they each foaled the same week. Cute babies. We do not breed anymore, but it was always fun to have two or three foals the same year. We had some great photos from those days. Our stallion, now a gelding, is a buckskin Quarter Horse. See image one.

  2. Great observation and pictures, my friend.
    By the way, I regret forwarding my wife your “Cowboy Up” post, she now tells me to “Cowboy up” all the time. Even when I’m tempted to sleep in one morning – “Cowboy Up!” 🙂

  3. That is funny, Bill. My rodeo queen wife reminds me to cowboy up as well. Tell Mary that I use you as the supreme example of someone who has indeed cowboyed up. Go ahead and sleep in. Just not all day.

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