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Eclipse Observations

Many folks were very excited about the solar eclipse.  I can understand why.  It is a rare event.  People want to say they experienced it.  Hopefully, they experienced it with proper protective eye wear.

I was not one of the viewers.  I already have retina damage.  Probably from the sun over time.

My horses do not view TV nor read the news.  They were not anticipating the eclipse.  So, at the time of the eclipse, I took two horses and led them to a shady area to graze and kept them pointed away from the sun.  I might have been the only person in America to do that.  Certainly one could not cover the eyes of a herd of cattle.  They probably don’t look at the sun anyway.  More sense than humans perhaps.

From my perspective of pointing the horses’ rears to the sun, all I experienced was similar to the sun going behind a cloud.  I would not have noticed if not advised by the news media.

My horses did not thank me explicitly, but I could see it in their eyes.  The very eyes I saved.

P.S.  What about the dogs?  I put them in the house.

P.P.S.  What about my trophy wife?  Against my advice, she took a photo.  I hope she does not go blind.

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