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Beau’s Hot Tub Etiquette

Shootin' the Breeze


We have a log bunkhouse on our ranch.  It was the original homestead cabin, but has been refurbished except for the logs themselves.  The roof, electrical, plumbing, and storm windows are all new.  It has a bathroom.  It has a sauna.  We advertise it on Air B&B.  Our guests seem to like it.  My wife, Sugar, goes overboard in the hospitality department.  She is a wonderful cook.  It is more than “bed and breakfast.”

This past weekend we had guests from another state.  They were recently married.  Both husband and wife are engineers.  Smart couple.  Supposedly.

For engineers, they failed to foresee obvious dangers.  They failed to account for our dog, Beau.  Big mistake!

Beau is, as loyal readers recall, a Yellow Labrador Retriever.  He retrieves items whether or not he has been requested to do so.  Hence the problem.

The young couple took advantage of the opportunity to relax…

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2 thoughts on “Beau’s Hot Tub Etiquette

  1. Okay, you got me. What’s the name of the air B&B? 🙂 I seriously need to come stay there for a writing retreat!

    • Sandra, I am embarrassed that I do not know how Sugar lists our place. It might be something like Artists’ Sanctuary, but there are not many in Livermore, Colorado and you would recognize photos of the bunkhouse on the site. We’d be glad to host you. I give Sugar credit for our 15 five star reviews.

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