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We Slept Together the Very First Night

sleepy gus

So my wife and I picked up our new puppy yesterday.  His name is Gus.  He is a Yellow Labrador Retriever.  He joins Sadie, who is almost 14 years old, and Beau, who is 6 years old.  They were not too enthused about the idea of bringing in an 8 week old baby to change their lives.  Three is a crowd perhaps.

We spent the day as an orientation period.  Gus seems smart and curious.  He is pretty brave.  He likes following the older dogs.  He wants to make friends.  They are usually tolerant, but Beau snapped at Gus when he got too close to his personal bone.  Sadie left the living room at bedtime and, instead of sleeping there as usual, showed up in our bedroom.  Turns out that was a smart idea.

It was a smart idea because Gus cried and cried from his crate, which I had placed in the living room, thinking he would be comforted by having the other dogs around him.  Not so much.

I remember my father sleeping on our screened porch when we got a new puppy years ago.  He did it so as to take the puppy out to potty during the night.  Also, I suppose, to keep it company.

So I copied my Dad in a modified fashion.  I found the puppy shut up as long as I laid down in front of the crate.  I stayed until he fell asleep.  Then I sneaked away to join Sugar.  An hour later, I was awakened by pitiful crying from the crate in the living room.   I took Gus outside to see about peeing or pooping.  Then I put him back in the crate.  Then he cried again.  Then I laid down in front again.

We repeated the process every hour or so.  We went out four times.

The successful part is that there have been absolutely zero accidents in the house.

Gus feels that I am learning quickly how to sleep in front of the wire door to the crate so he can watch over me.  It only took a few times for me to catch on.

I am sure gonna miss my wife.  I really prefer sleeping with her.


Gus at 8 weeks

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14 thoughts on “We Slept Together the Very First Night

  1. I hope you had a pillow. Maybe Gus needs to be snuggled by a stuffed toy, in a more confined space for a bit. Remember, he was sleeping next to mom and siblings, and was all snuggled in. He is a bit scared of that big old dog crate. Perhaps Beau will share the Wascally Wabbit. Ms Sugar no doubt does not want that crate in the bedroom….

  2. Thanks for your comments. Actually, Gus has a bunny with which to sleep. They want to sleep outside the crate. At least that is what Gus tells me.

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    …There is always something going on over at Shootin the Breeze!!!! Enjoy… Kenny T

  4. They do train us so well….! 😆

  5. We have a golden retriever/german shepherd cross pup who will be six months old soon. It’s been a blast. She has trained me to do all kinds of things for her. She pretty much has the house properly rearranged to suit herself and she’s over 55 lbs. Hubby dearest sometimes gives her this mournful look and says “Where did my puppy go?”

  6. love that last remark. Our Bert, when he was a very small puppy, was happier sleeping with a soft toy, hot water bottle, and a ticking clock than he was sleeping with us…

    • Gus didn’t get the clock or hot water bottle, but those are good techniques. He does not sleep in our room, but still does not like to be locked in the crate so we leave the door open and let him stay in his own bedroom. He has his toy bunny. Also, the big dogs have accepted him. All is well. I get to sleep with my wife again, as long as I get up to let the dogs out when they beckon me.

  7. Pups are just like babies, they cry to get some attention. Gus is the prime example of wanting to have human companionship just like my 🐱

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    The puppy featured herein is now eleven months old and weighs 90 lbs.

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