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Masculine Behavior

beau and gus

“In me you see a relic from a long-lamented age, when masculine behavior wrote a grand romantic page….”    With a Sword and a Rose and a Cape song from the musical Carnival

I pride myself on masculine behavior.  It troubles me when a male fails to display such behavior.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I love our new puppy, Gus.  However, it disturbs me that Beau and I are so utterly masculine while Gus, (well, how can I say this delicately?), pees like a girl.  That, my friends, is where Beau and I draw the line.

As shown in the photo above, Beau has been mentoring the puppy about bones and life in general.  I have been hoping that Beau’s example of lifting his leg during urination would teach Gus how it is done in the male dog world.

Since that has not worked so far, I guess I will have to take a stab at it.  Perhaps I am viewed as more of a leader.  I will let you know.  Good thing we have no neighbors within view.

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4 thoughts on “Masculine Behavior

  1. Do you raise your leg when you pee? If not, don’t let the pup watch you pee. Let the yellow dog lead by example.

    Oh, and remember that it takes little pups months to lift their leg to pee. My friend’s sled dog was about 6 months old before he started. My cocker took nearly 8 months.

    On a side note, sometimes my sweet girl Dulce lefts her bum and leg to pee as high as she can on trees.

    She did not learn that from me.

  2. I was just funnin’ about. I don’t train on that degree of style. I am just glad Gus is getting the idea of going outside. Your question about my style is pertinent, yet will remain unanswered.

  3. My daughter has 2 male labs and both pee like girls. Could be to do with the age they were when they were “altered”.

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