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Beau as Pet of the Year

Readers of this blog who are familiar with numerous posts about our Yellow Labrador Retriever named Beau have an impression of him as an amusing trouble-maker.  Today, I want to amend that view of Beau.  Now don’t get me wrong.  I am not taking it all back.  The stories about him are all true.  He is indeed a character with a funny personality.  You might recall that many of Beau’s activities have involved “collecting.”  He has robbed both a UPS truck and a FedEx truck.  He has brought me tools from workers.  He has “found” a hat of one of our guests.  He has borrowed towels intended for hot tub occupants.  He has helped himself to breakfasts of persons who negligently got up from the table to get coffee.

But Beau has revealed a selfless side recently.  For acts of kindness, I nominate Beau as our Pet of the Year, an honor that has eluded him for the first six years of his life.

What changed?  Beau has accepted responsibility as the babysitter of our new puppy, Gus.  Beau patiently plays with the exuberant puppy.  He is careful not to hurt Gus.  He allows Gus to climb all over him.  He seems to realize that it would not be a fair fight, so he tolerates the puppy taking Beau’s toys.  He even coaches Gus about fetching and pottying outside.  It is heart-warming to watch the two together.

Today, I witnessed something else that warmed my heart and inspired me to write this post.  Besides Beau and Gus, we also have a female Lab, Sadie, who has tried futilely to teach him how to live his life.  She comes when she is called, for example.

Sadie has always been the first to eat.  No matter which bowl I put down first, that one is hers.  Today, Sadie did not go to her bowl.  Beau finished his meal and stood, waiting for Sadie to eat.  I had to lead her to her food.  Sadie is fourteen, almost.  Her eyesight is going, I suppose, but not her appetite.   I was amazed that Beau did not take Sadies’s food.  He just stood and waited for me to lead Sadie to her food bowl and patiently watched her finish her breakfast.

And for that act of respect  and selflessness, I nominate Beau as our Pet of the Year.


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11 thoughts on “Beau as Pet of the Year

  1. bloodyredbaron on said:

    Al, will you back our kickstarter? It’s a martial arts/espionage thriller.

  2. Count me in as a vote for Beau! I’m so happy he’s good with the new puppy and it’s sweet that he’s deferential to Sadie. I’ve always been a big fan but the fact that he’s being such a sweetie warms my heart!

    • Thanks, Dr. Lynn. I will tell him he has your vote. Unfortunately, Beau had a relapse last night. We came home to flour all over the floor. Beau is the only suspect tall enough to get it down off the kitchen counter. But why? The container was not in a new place. For some reason, that was the time it crossed his mind. Of course the puppy helped him spread it throughout the house. Worst, we had a guest come home with us to see the puppy. He got to see more than we planned.

  3. bjthoms on said:

    We can all learn something from our pets. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Pets are amazingly empathetic, sometimes. 🙂 I vote for Beau too.

  5. Sounds just like our Choc Lab Dudley. Always stealing things. …so funny

  6. It seems Beau has come a long ways since I last read of him. Be careful, he might decide he needs to do something big to maintain his old reputation. My Lab has learned how to take her nose and flip up the gate latch, which means should could open it if she wanted, but she never has. She waits till I’m there, and as I reach for the latch, she suddenly flips it with her nose. I get a kick out of it every time. I just don’t open the gate fast enough for her.

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