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Thirty Pounds of Puppy

Gus at 15 weeks

At 15 weeks of age, last week Gus  went to his primary care physician for his veterinary care, which included shots and a checkup.  The checkup involved weighing him on a scale.   The scale read 30 pounds.

That weight for a Labrador Retriever of that age is not unusual.  Some are smaller, some are bigger.  What was remarkable to me is the rate of growth.  Three weeks ago, when Gus had a vet appointment for his 12 week checkup, he weighed less than twenty pounds.

Now for me to gain ten pounds in three weeks is easy.  But for a puppy to increase his body weight by half again what he weighed would be like me gaining 100 pounds in three weeks.

With the holidays here, I will give it a try.


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9 thoughts on “Thirty Pounds of Puppy

  1. well congrats to Gus for the healthy weight – woo- and I always love how the paws are big on puppies and whisper of their size to come too

  2. Thanks for following the progress of Gus and for commenting. He has unabashed self-esteem. He expects all people and creatures to like him, and they do.

  3. What a healthy little pupper!!! 🙂

  4. Thanks. We think, and he thinks, that he is very handsome.

  5. Now Gus is one serious cutie…gorgeous

  6. Thanks. We love him.

  7. Labs are great dogs. Had I not let my dog find me, I might not have ever realized. Gus looks very comfortable in his own skin, as they say.

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