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Where Did Our Puppy Go?

IMG_0843 (3)

The dog on the right is our six month old puppy, Gus.  He is sitting with Beau, who weighs 90 lbs.  I don’t know how much Gus weighs.  We miss our baby puppy, pictured below.

Gus at 8 weeks

He adores Beau and copies everything Beau does.

twins (2)beau and gus


playmatesMutt and JdffBuds

He grew fast.

twin beds

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3 thoughts on “Where Did Our Puppy Go?

  1. Adorable…..our two year old chocolate Labrador grew up just as fast. As we are talking Labradors though, we are only talking physical size here right? Mentally, Dudley is still about two months old and behaves entirely like a child still……..or is that just brown ones?

    • It is not just the chocolate labs who act like puppies for years. We have had several labs and a few Golden Retrievers. That is how they all are. Our 14 year old female has finally “matured” but even when she was ten, people would ask if they could pet our “puppy.”

      • Very glad to hear this news….I wouldn’t want him any other way. Even as I write he is banging around under the table with a ball and a teddy bear for company….

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