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Missing General Eisenhower

Before he was President of the U.S.A., Dwight Eisenhower was Supreme Allied Commander of the military operation known as D Day, which, as you should know, was when the American military and European Allies landed on the beaches of France. This effort was well-planned and eventually resulted in the defeat of the Nazis. (My father was an 18 year old soldier who was stationed in England when the Nazis were bombing England and then, on orders from General Eisenhower, invaded France with his infantry battalion and others, and remained in France and Belgium until the Nazis surrendered).

President Biden supposedly planned the withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan, which has not been accomplished. For some reason, President Biden withdrew troops before removing civilian Americans who are in Afghanistan, then sent some troops back to protect the Kabul airport so Americans can leave, except the Taliban controls the checkpoints getting to the airport, and are beating some of the Americans who are trying to get to the airport. There is chaos. President Biden is hoping the Taliban will allow Americans out. He is not so sure about the Afghans who helped the American military. They seem to be on their own.

Also, having considered every contingency, President Biden is abandoning billions of dollars worth of military equipment, such as helicopters and tanks, as a farewell gift to the Taliban, who are Islamic terrorists.

I believe that President Eisenhower would have handled the situation better. So would President Trump and probably every other president that you can think of with the exception of Barack Hussein Obama.

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2 thoughts on “Missing General Eisenhower

  1. Even Obama would have avoided the PR nightmare, if not the needless deaths. This is the worst possible outcome. Biden was there for Vietnam too, where he voted to leave the South Vietnamese high and dry. It’s a dubious distinction for a politician to be so wrong so consistently for a lifetime, to our enduring shame.

  2. Completely agree. Side note: Have you basically retired from blog writing? I have enjoyed your posts through the years and miss them. Bette Cox, Florence, SC

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