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CowboyLawyer and his lovely wife, Miss Sugar, live in a log cabin in Colorado, surrounded by the beauty of God’s creation.  They share Cross Creek Ranch with many critters, including an entertaining dog named Beau and a trick horse named Scamp.   Besides enjoying life at home on the range, with its many joys, they each have day jobs in town.  For more fun,  the blogger, a finely tuned athlete, occasionally humiliates himself as a swimmer in the Senior Olympics while awaiting that imminent call from the Denver Broncos to sign him as a free agent.  (Inexplicitly, for the past few decades, he has languished in the purgatory of status as an unsigned free agent.) 

Olympian 028woodyandALscampposed


Home Sweet Home!

Cross Creek Ranch

SugarnmeOctoberfest 2013 — Miss Sugar and her trophy husband

westviewWestern view at Cross Creek Ranch from the dining room window — called, appropriately, a picture window.

Miss Sugar has a good camera and shares photos that she has taken around here.

She even took this picture of “Cowboylawyer” in action — shootin’ the breeze.  Scamp thinks the story is very funny.


The Horse Whisperer. Here Woody is telling a secret.

The latest mustache fashion — Wild Bill/Wyatt Earp/Hulk Hogan hybrid.

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  1. Thank you for dropping by and following Malcolm’s Corner.

  2. Just to let you know, I have passed the Beautiful Bloggers Award to you. It tends to pass around a lot, but if you want more people to learn of you, it is a good way. Enjoy!

  3. Thank-you Sir for the follow. I cant wait to have a browse through your blog. It’s wonderful to meet someone who actually lives in a log cabin and even better in COLORADO! I’m from South Africa! Bless you brother in Christ:)

    • Thank you for browsing my blog. Many of my posts are about Colorado and cowboy stuff. I have never been to South Africa. The internet allows us to connect with people from around the world.
      Bless you!

  4. Thanks for following Nincompoopery. I hope I live up to your expectations. 🙂
    I am excited to follow you. My college poetry teacher was a cowboy. It must be the cowboy thing. 😉

  5. Well shoot…your blog’s the best thing I’ve come across since sliced bread.

  6. Love your house!!!

  7. A cabin in Colorado, you’re living my dream. Very pleased to meet you.

  8. Just thought this may somewhat parallel a recent blog post…

    You write great stuff!

  9. Ha! Scamp knows a good story when he hears one! I’m in Nebraska, and believe me, my picture window doesn’t have the same picture yours does! (I use my imagination quite a lot!) 😉

    • Sugar and I have lived in Colorado for 30 years, so it is home now, but I was raised in Nebraska. I have lived at both ends — from Omaha to Scottsbluff. I have relatives in Omaha, Grand Island, Ogallala, Chadron, Kimball, and Tekamah. Where are you?

      • Currently in McCook, moved here from ONeill (110 miles north of Grand Island), raised in St.Louis, MO.

      • Both those Nebraska towns have some cowboys and ranchers and cows, just not too many snow-capped mountains. Cows don’t graze on mountaintops, though. They like the Sandhills grass just fine.

  10. I ran across another Blogger that I believe could be your brother…. That is, if Brotherhood were based on writing style…

    His name is Ed Patterson and he blogs over at “Ed’s end of the planet books”:

    Take care and God Bless 🙂 Kenny T

  11. Love your blog title! Haha!

  12. Tried the link to the photos, but the domain has expired. 😦 Is there another one? Loved all the wonderful images. Enjoy your posts very much.

  13. I stumbled onto your blog through Morning Story and Dilbert. I like to find the original author whenever I can. This story is a strong reminder of my own Christmas memories. Thanks,
    Pete Robertson,

  14. No comment section on the Feb 20 post. I received the same post as you published Feb 20. I googled Dr. Tanay, a real person, accomplished and interesting. However he did NOT make the comments attributed to him.

    “Dr. Emanuel Tanay is real and a holocaust survivor but he did not write this article, nor is he German.

    “This is an opinion piece that appeared on the blog of Paul Marek, on February 21 2006, under the title of “Why the Peaceful Majority is Irrelevant.” The article was picked up by the Israel National News and appeared the publication in March 2007. Click heree for article.

    “Dr. Emanuel Tanay, the son of Jewish dentists, was born in Russian occupied Vilna in 1928, which is now part of Lithuania, according to the personal account of his life in a Polish ghetto during the Holocaust

    “Marek’s article was apparently altered and posted on several reader and comment boards on the World Wide Web. Some altered versions include Marek as the author and cite Tanay as the original forwarder of the story. ”

    personal account of his life in a Polish ghetto during the Holocaust

    Click on this link for an interesting and REAL interview with Dr. Tanay in 1987. the falsely credited author ship does not negate the current relevance of the essay. “Twas sent to me in good faith by a Brit ex-pat retired Royal Navy living in Spain. We both got embarrassed. You might find it interesting to lookup Winston Churchill’s comments on Islam (I hope the links come through)

    • I see the links are not links. Sorry. I’ll try again:

      The below link confirms the above as authentic. Repository is in Dearborn.

      Full Record – Michigan Oral History Database Project

    • Thanks for the information. I got what I posted from a friend via email. I did not investigate its authenticity.
      Also, I was not aware there was not a comment section below the post itself. Usually there is.

      • I got it via email, too. It is still a pretty good essay, just attributed to the wrong author. Dr. Tanay, now deceased was an interesting person, himself, with some new ideas about PTSD. Have you read Churchills quotes? The ex-pat that sent it too me feels that no one has the stomach to do what he feels needs to be done, before it is too late. Me thinks perhaps it is too late for what he thinks is the right intervention.

        The original interview is archived in Dearborn at the University of Michigan. President General Eisenhower was right. There are those saying, and attempting to prove, that Shoah did not happen. It did. But they can prove it did not using manufactured documentation, to those removed by two, or more, generations, quite easily.

        Have you heard the term “Preaching to the choir” ? Perhaps that is what I am doing. 🙂 I’ll hush.

        Our grandchildren are going to have a difficult time.

  15. Nice whiskers 😀 Is Sugar the excellent portrait photographer? Very very nice. ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

  16. Hi Alan, Just wanted to thank you for dropping in on the Faithworks blog and taking the time to comment. I’m enjoying your blog now. Colorado looks wonderful. I must visit your beautiful state one day. Cheers from Australia

  17. Hailing from Missouri! Love your photos.

  18. Hello, Colorado!

  19. I was afraid I’d somehow missed your latest posts but now see that there just haven’t been any in several weeks. Hoping all’s well….

  20. Bob and Becky Brenner on said:

    Dear Cowboy lawyer and Sugar (alias Allen and Karen) – It was great to spend the evening with you around the ‘mystery log’ campfire at Loveland campground. We’re still pondering just how much of that horse pucky you spread around was true. My dad used to tell us boys that the horse he had and rode, before he married mom, was named ‘White Sox’ for the 6 white feet it had, if you counted his white boots! We’re in Minnesota and headed home. Someday we just might call about renting your guest cabin. Our best, Bob and Becky Brenner.

    • We enjoyed our time with you at the campground. Thanks for following up. Here is the link to, then search artistic mountain sanctuary. Hope you can visit sometime.
      All the best,

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