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I Hate It When That Happens

We have all had the experience that I had this morning.

You know how it is when you step out on your deck and trip on an antelope skull?  I hate it when that happens!

It happened to me this morning.


Beau finds things.  He brings the things that he finds to the deck off the kitchen, where we feed him and Sadie.  He collects bones primarily.  He loves his possessions.  He often tries to bring them inside.  If prevented from that, he leaves them by the door.  That way, when he is next let in, perhaps when it is dark outside, a quick grab might be successful.  Sometimes it is.

His collection includes that one antelope (aka pronghorn) skull, the partial spine of a cow, a deer skull with one antler, and the leg of a cow, including the hoof.  (I can’t tell you where the other three legs are stored. Coyotes likely know.)

Beau and I have similar taste.  Personally, I use antlers in all of my decorating.  Miss Sugar, my trophy wife, is just a girl.  Girls are not the same as us guys.  You can look it up in the medical literature.  However, we live in harmony.  She allows me to hang antlers and cowhides and longhorns, and guns on the wall.  In a spirit of reciprocity, I allow her to hang up paintings and photos and stuff like that.  She has a collection of crosses, to counteract the guns and knives, I suppose.  Anyway, Sugar and I cooperate.  We have to do so.  We are married.  We live in the same house.


Beau is on his own as a decorator.  He is limited to decorating the deck and the courtyard.  Sadie, like Sugar, is a girl.  She is welcome to decorate the front porch, yet she does not.   She might be less artistic than the rest of us.

Rover, may he rest in peace, employed a larger venue to display his artistic creations.  The entire yard was his canvas.

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